BGM 1 Hour Recommendation

This may come as a surprise to some of you but even the airlines at small airports like BGM have strict rules when it comes to checking in and making your way through security. The airlines at BGM recommend arriving at least 1 hour before your departure time. You will want to give yourself a little more time, say 15 –to 30 minutes, if your flight is international, occurs during the busy holiday season or even if you are scheduled to fly during our busy early morning flight departure bank. Of course, our 1 hour recommendation is much better than say the “2 Hour Rule” that you will find at bigger airports. But keep in mind, rules are rules and we want to make sure everyone follows them to ensure happy travels.

Far too many times a traveler will show up 20 minutes before their flight because “it’s a small airport” and expect to board their flight. We sympathize with those in this situation because we know that unlike a city street where if you miss a taxi another will be coming along, waiting for the next flight can mean missing a connecting flight, a meeting or a family event. But if you arrive at least 1 hour before your departure you should never be faced with this situation again. So, why 1 hour? Let’s see if we can help you understand.

Many factors come into play when checking in for your flight. You need time to check-in with the airline along with all the others who are on your flight. You may need time for your bag to be processed with the airlines and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Officials and, finally, time for you to make your way through the TSA security check point. Aside from your required processing, the airlines have their flight planning procedures too. They need to have all confirmed passengers checked in by a certain time, they need to have all the bags processed and loaded into the aircraft by a certain time and they also have regulations of how long before a flight departs that they need to have everyone on the plane and close the boarding gate to begin processing for take-off. With all these behind the scene happenings comes the need to have the passengers check in at least one hour before.

Important: A common mistake made even when a passenger checks in a hour before is to unnecessarily delay making their way to the security screening areas. During our heavy travel times (like the first flights of the morning) it is most important to do this in a timely manner. There are typically 3 flights departing and processing during the morning rush and all too often flights can be missed or delayed due to passengers not processing quickly. Make it a point to go straight through security during busy times. In the morning at BGM the Subway kiosk is open to serve you coffee and breakfast. So once you get through the check point you can relax and enjoy that cup of coffee.

We pride ourselves at BGM to be convenient with easy check in but it still means that we have to follow all the airline, TSA and FAA rules. In turn this means that our passengers need to follow the rules too. Please check in at the airline ticket counter at least 1 hour before your flight and move to security in a timely manner. This will help ensure that you and your fellow travelers will all have a pleasant and on time departure.
Fly Happy