Faster lines at BGM checkpoint.



Going through the security checkpoint at the Greater Binghamton Airport just got easier! TSA Precheck is now available to over 30% of our passengers daily. 

Since the start of the TSA Precheck , BGM has seen record numbers of passengers qualifying for the Precheck option. Currently this option at BGM means that the traveler does not have to remove their shoes or light jackets. It is still required to have your liquids checked and laptop removed from your bags, but the shoes can stay on!!!

It is reported that due to the high number of frequent flyers that travel through BGM we are seeing numbers as high as 50% qualifying for Precheck on some days.

What does this mean for those traveling through BGM? This means the lines at the TSA checkpoint will move faster and allow you time to relax before your flight.

We  suggest that you do not remove your coat or shoes until you get up to the TSA agent. Once they scan your boarding pass they will inform you if you need to do so.  Currently the US Airways boarding passes will indicate if you qualify for the Precheck and you should know when you leave the ticket counter if you have to remove your shoes or coats. You can always ask your US Airways ticket agent if you qualify before you leave their counter.

We hope that Delta and United will soon be able to display this option on their boarding passes but for now you need to wait until the TSA agent scans your ticket and verifies if you qualified for the Precheck.

This is great news for those traveling through BGM. If you want to register for the Precheck program you can check out the options at

Federal Shutdown affects BGM Families

As part of my job at the airport I field the phone calls that come in about general airport questions. With my cheery greeting and knowledge of MOST things BGM my job is complete when I satisfy their needs and leave them with the friendly / family like feeling about BGM.

Well, some days that’s not very easy. Lately I get calls asking if the traveler’s flight will be affected by the federal government shutdown. It’s great for us that I can inform them that their flight is unaffected. We always want our travelers to be happy. But the truth of the matter is that your flight is unaffected but our “BGM Family” is affected by it.

Our TSA agents and our FAA workers are all included in the government shutdown. Yes, they are federal employees. They are required to come to work every day but are not receiving paychecks. They smile at our travelers and put on the happy BGM face when really it’s not all roses and happy feeling inside.

As each day ticks away during the shutdown, those smiles become more difficult. The jobs that they love doing here at BGM (and every other airport) become less appealing. Yes at some point in time they will get paid but if I asked you to come work for free and I’ll make it up to you at some point in time, how eager would you be to get out of bed?

Consider this when you are going through any airport during the government shutdown. Tell them “Thank You”, let them know that the traveling public appreciates what they are doing.

To our federal employees and all the other federal employees at every other airport across America, THANK YOU!!!!!! We hope this ends soon and try to keep smiling.

~Jen Lasher

Update: 10/11/13 Shout out also to our family at the National Weather Service at BGM. They too are affected and working without pay. THANK YOU NWS!!!

Airport History

Lately I have been spending some time looking through some old newspaper clippings and learning about the airport history. It’s fascinating to read about the things that were happening back in the 50’s in our community and here at Greater Binghamton Airport, or better known as Broome County Airport back then.

I plan on posting some of the clippings here on our blog and sharing bits and pieces of long forgotten history.

This is a piece of history I also posted on our Facebook page today.

Apparently Airport Rd was the first road in Broome County to have traffic lines painted on it. At the time Broome County had 309 miles of roads.  Back in 1954 it was standard practice to only put painted line on road that were 22 feet or wider.

Airport Road, which was completed in 1952, was just 22 feet wide. The increasing night-time traffic is what sparked the need for the center lines to be painted.

Take a look at the old painting machine that they used. Now imagine operating that up Airport Rd for 8 miles or better yet the guy who walked in front of the truck the whole way.

Airport History0001

Click on the picture to see it on our facebook page.