We are committed….

We are committed to being your airport of choice by creating the ultimate airport customer experience.”

We don’t take our mission statement lightly. We work with all the entities of the airport to ensure that your travel is always enjoyable, relaxing and returning is like coming home.

You will see when you arrive at the airport our mission statement is on a 25ft banner for everyone to see.   Why make BGM your airport of choice and fly BGM on your next trip?

new airport banner

Where else will you enjoy  free Wi-Fi, easy in / easy out experience, friendly atmosphere,  affordable on-site parking,  modern amenities, air service from 3  excellent airlines in the industry and (for most Southern Tier Residence)  travel less than 30 minutes from home to anywhere in the world.  

To prove how much we want to be your airport of choice we are  beginning a terminal rehab project that will replace the flooring in the departure area, replace the Arrival & Departure monitors, modify the TSA checkpoint, install additional outlets for travelers and will upgrade all the pubic restroom.  Only the best for our passengers.  We will post updates on our Facebook page so follow us to see whats in store for your airport.

For over 60 years BGM has been serving the needs of the business and leisure travelers of the Southern Tier and we are not going anywhere. Fly local and let us know what you think. You just might be surprised by the Greater Binghamton Airport.