Humans of BGM: Brittany & Jenny Celebrate!

This month, we met up with Brittany and her mother, Jenny, while they were waiting for their outgoing flight. Brittany now lives and works in the United States’ famous windy city: Chicago. She was headed back with her mother tagging along for the ride. While Brittany now resides in Chicago, she and her family are originally from the city of Binghamton. The Southern Tier will always be “home!”

Brittany flew in a few days before we ran into her at the Greater Binghamton Airport just for a long weekend and to spend time with her family. The main purpose of her trip? Her step-father’s retirement party! The family decided to throw a party and celebrate his successful career. Brittany wanted to make sure she was in on all the fun!

Brittany’s step-father, who is also Jenny’s husband, was celebrating his retirement from the New York State Police. He served as a State Trooper for 35 years. We would like to sincerely thank him for his service and wish him an enjoyable retirement!

A big thank you to Brittany and Jenny for taking the time to chat with us and for flying BGM!