Catching Up With Our Air Traffic Controllers!

Dustin Durham, William Peterson, Arianna Bocci, Jason Burgos


William and Arianna checking the radar.


Everyday the Air Traffic Controllers of BGM put their time and energy into keeping the travelers and pilots of the Greater Binghamton Airport safe! Although we may not see much of them, they make sure to watch over all of us! They are located high up in the control tower of BGM and guide pilots, their planes and the passengers from taxi to takeoff, through the air and back safely on the ground. Day-to-day can change dramatically for them but they know how to handle whatever “flies” their way. Aside from handling arrivals and departures of commercial air traffic, they deal with pilots in training, sight-seeing airplanes and military aircraft practicing different landing approaches. They keep track of updates on procedures locally and nationally, track weather that could affect travel and use radar and other technology to track planes but, overall their goal is to keep us all safe while traveling through Binghamton.

On occasion, their job can get pretty stressful. Tracking weather storms that pop up and handling any airplane malfunctions are just some of the things they deal with. Throughout summers and winters here in the Greater Binghamton area, we all know that weather can take a turn at any given moment, the Air Traffic Control team makes sure to get every plane on the ground safe and sound! Handling planes that could have malfunctions or problems and talking pilots through it is another necessity that they need to know how to handle for potential situations. But, given that they are highly trained with a zero margin for error, they remain calm under the pressures thrown at them.

Although these four spend so much time together during the work week, they like to hangout outside of work too – meeting up with local pilots and others in the aviation industry!

We’re so thankful to have this great group of people on our team here at BGM!!