Humans of BGM: Leland Meets Great-Grandma Pat

This afternoon we caught up with Pat who was traveling from her hometown of Gainesville, FL. We were lucky enough to catch a moment that will stay with her forever. As she walked out of the terminal, she got to meet her adorable great-grandson, Leland for the first time ever! He is only 5 months old and couldn’t keep his eyes off of his great-grandma. Pat is looking forward to spending a lot of time over the next week with the newest addition to her family as well as her daughter Deb and Granddaughter, Chelsea.

Pat was very excited to be getting out of the heat in Gainesville for a while. She visits Binghamton about once a year and always chooses to fly into BGM!

“My experiences at BGM have always been very good, I always fly here!!” We’re so glad to hear that, Thanks Pat!!

From left to right: Deb, Pat, Chelsea & baby Leland