American Airlines: 16 Years Accident Free!

Some people find it hard to say they can drive a car for 16 years without any kind of accident resulting in damage; including opening the car door just a little too wide in the garage. At Greater Binghamton Airport American Airlines can successfully claim they have been accident and damage free for the past 16 years. This is not to say that flights haven’t been delayed or canceled for a maintenance issue at BGM before. This means that the BGM American Airlines staff has not had an accident or caused damage to an aircraft for the past 16 years. Lisa Schwartz, General Manager of American Airlines at Greater Binghamton Airport (BGM) explains in detail how they have been able to maintain their 16 years of success.

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“American Airlines is big on safety. Safety is their #1 priority.” explains Schwartz. To ensure safety and prevent incidents to aircraft, she explains “Every day we do safety briefings.” Schwartz continued to explain a safety inspector visited BGM last week to observe and assess all operations. At the end of the safety inspection, American Airlines at BGM was minimal points away from a perfect score. In the past at all regions of American Airlines, workers have had incidents such as luggage carts hitting aircraft, power plug covers being left open, and power plugs being pulled out of the sockets in the aircraft as ground vehicles drive away with the units. To reduce these incidents, all American Airline’s Staff receive extensive training in a position before they can begin performing essential duties. When they begin working with American Airlines, employees will only observe the jobs they will be performing. After they are slightly acclimated to the job, they will attend a training school hosted by American Airlines. At the school, employees working at the ticket counter will be trained for 3 weeks, and ground staff will train for 1 week. Once this phase is complete, they return to the airport to continue their safety training and other specific needs to the airport.


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For their success, airport divisions receive awards from American Airlines for the managers to display. For their continued success, Schwartz explains she rewards her staff with little parties once a month with pizza or cake to reinforce their hard work. “It’s something we do to say hey, thanks!” stated Schwartz as she expounded on the employees success.

For travelers flying with American Airlines, they can feel secure with the increased amount of safety implementations. Schwartz explained how American Airlines takes pride in their safety success. While there may be delays and possibly cancellations due to maintenance, weather, and crew issues, the BGM American Airlines staff is committed to continued safety success. After all, who wants to get on a plane that isn’t safe! The team here understands that and to continue the service to their customers, American Airlines at the Greater Binghamton Airport will strive to maintain their safety success for many years to come.

About Team BGM

The Greater Binghamton Airport (BGM) is centrally located in Broome County about, 8-miles north of the city of Binghamton. BGM offers daily, commercial, non-stop flights on Delta Airlines. Greater Binghamton Airport is owned by Broome County and operated by the Department of Aviation. With its stress-free atmosphere, BGM’s terminal allows you to travel with ease. BGM’s terminal offers a business center for our frequent flyers, free WIFI, a relax and recharge station, a visitors center, a room for active military to rest in-between flights, and for our younger travelers - a kid port activity center. Greater Binghamton Airport offers many amenities that larger airports do, just without all of the stress! Fly BGM today!

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