Leave Your Fears On The Runway

Do you or a loved one have fear when it comes to the magic of air travel? Traveling from sea-to-shining sea in under ten hours is appealing to most. However, for some, the very thought of flying is a major source of stress. Aviophobia, the fear of flying, is much more common than you would think; affecting one out of every six adults.


If you’re one of the 16%… fear not! BGM is here to help! We know that you’ve been told countless “facts” by friends and loved ones about how safe air travel can be. It is important to recognize that they are telling you these “facts” to help ease your fears. They are doing it because they care about you. However, it is often times easy to dismiss these “facts” in the name of your fear. BGM recommends that you do your own homework and diligently seek out your own answers. We’ll start by debunking some of the common “myths” and it’s on you to check our work (it’s accurate, but see for yourself!)


Fact V.S. Myth

  • Myth: Flying is the safest form of travel!
  • Fact: False! Flying is the second safest form of travel, behind that of the escalator or elevator.
  • Myth: Flying is 10x safer than driving.
  • Fact: Flying is 2,200x safer than driving.
    • 1 in 11 Million odds of plane related aircraft accident.
    • 1 in 5 thousand odds of an automobile accident
  • Myth: The air on planes is full of germs.
  • Fact: This one is true. There are definitely germs on an airplane. However, there are less germs than most other crowded places. Airplanes use a combination of fresh and recirculated air for temperature and humidity regulation. The fresh air is indeed, fresh. The recirculated air is also cleaner than you would expect, being run through hospital-quality filters to remove contaminants. To pretend an airplane is sterile would be an oversight, but it is important to recognize that most public spaces you enter every day put you at higher risk for germ exposure


We here at BGM know that this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your fear of flying. As we suggested earlier, the only way you will overcome your fear is by doing your own homework. We think the following links are a good start:


“The Seven Most Annoying Myths about Flying”- Ask the pilot



Debunked: 10 Airplane Myths that People Still Believe”- Business insider



A Flight Attendant’s Cure for Fear of Flying”- Fodor’s Travel



Don’t rely on us or others to put your fears to rest. However, please know that BGM is focused on our passengers and their happiness and we will assist you with any and all of your flying needs and questions.


About Team BGM

The Greater Binghamton Airport (BGM) is centrally located in Broome County about, 8-miles north of the city of Binghamton. BGM offers daily, commercial, non-stop flights on Delta Airlines. Greater Binghamton Airport is owned by Broome County and operated by the Department of Aviation. With its stress-free atmosphere, BGM’s terminal allows you to travel with ease. BGM’s terminal offers a business center for our frequent flyers, free WIFI, a relax and recharge station, a visitors center, a room for active military to rest in-between flights, and for our younger travelers - a kid port activity center. Greater Binghamton Airport offers many amenities that larger airports do, just without all of the stress! Fly BGM today!

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