Timing Is Everything!

Travel during the off season if you want to travel like a king on a court jester’s budget. Tourist destinations by definition have busy seasons and off seasons, the busy season being when conditions are ideal and prices are high. Many people see the trip of their dreams and count it out once they see the price tag. However, the trip you’ve always wanted may not be so far out of reach.

Off-season pricing, or customer-based pricing, is a model used by airlines, hotels, tour companies, and resorts. The concept falls back on sunk costs… the concept that a hotel room is going to be there whether or not someone is in it. If the hotel can’t book the room at it’s premium rate of $300 during October, the company is willing to sell the room at a much lower rate, even at a loss to the business! The concept that something is better than nothing is why websites like Priceline, Groupon, and Hotwire exist. Use this information to your advantage when booking your dream vacation!

Off-Season by Location

  • Alaska
    • May & September
  • Australia
    • May – September
  • Bermuda
    • April & May
    • September & October
  • Canada/New England
    • May-August
  • Caribbean
    • Late April & May
    • September-January
  • Hawaii
    • May & June
    • September – December
  • Mediterranean
    • October – April
  • Mexican Riviera
    • January & May
    • October & November
  • Northern Europe
    • May & September
  • South America
    • April & October
  • Tahiti/South Pacific
    • November – April

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5 Tips for Healthier Travel

Whether you’re traveling for vacation or business, it’s a break in your routine. Maybe you’re a business traveler on the move or a vacation traveler with a chance to relax; Either way it’s a break from the every day. If you’re anything like us, this traveling mentality seems like the perfect time to relax your diet and exercise routine, too. You think to yourself, “I’ll just get back into the swing of it when I get home” or “I’ll start my diet the Monday I return.” Why do we work so hard during our regular routine to stay fit and eat well if we’re just going to ruin our progress while traveling? 

These 5 tips will help you stay healthy, avoid stress, and get a bit of exercise while you’re on the run or enjoying the sun! 

1.) Prep, prep, prep! Strengthen your immune system by taking vitamins before your trip, this will help you avoid getting sick while flying to your destination. In addition, be sure you pack hand sanitizer in your carry on (3.4 ounces or 100 milliliters or less). Hand and escalator railings, door knobs and more, public facilities are a breeding ground for germs, so make sure you’ve got this covered. 

2.) Pack your snacks! Avoid hanger (hunger+anger=hanger) you don’t want to get caught spending $10 on a granola bar. You also don’t want to question what you just ate at the airport because you were starved. Good examples of this are trail mix, whole wheat crackers, and bars made of real, clean ingredients like nuts, dried fruits and spices are usually the best bets for non perishable. (HuffingtonPost) You’ll leave the plane feeling much better than if you gorged on fries at the last minute. For a full list of the foods you can bring through airport security check out the MyTSA website here: http://1.usa.gov/1EmutNb

3.) Explore your surroundings, on your feet! Ensure you continue your exercise by walking or even biking. This gives you a chance to see the new area, check out restaurants and shops and get your exercise all at the same time. 

4.) STAY HYDRATED! We all know that drinking those fruity cocktails while traveling is most times a given. Alcohol combined with flying and sun means you become more susceptible dehydration. But keep yourself accountable! This vacation traveler keeps herself accountable by “packing her 32 oz. water bottle and challenging herself to finish at least 2-3 per day!” Read on: http://bit.ly/1oJNci1 Hydrate and feel great! 

5.) Lastly, be mindful about what you’re putting into your body! Put good in, get good out. Stick to 3 meals a day so you’re not starving by dinner time. And yes it’s okay to splurge on a delicious dessert! 

Keep these tips in mind while you’re traveling! It’s a big world out there so go explore! #flyBGM

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