Humans of BGM: Sherma Carifa

Sherma Carifa

Sherma Carifa is a business traveler who recently passed through BGM. She frequently travels around the United States for her job, and was flying back home to Columbus, Ohio.

When asked about her past and present travel experiences, she had this to say; “This is my first time at this airport. I love it! I love smaller airports, it’s just easier to get in and out.”

“Advice I would give to someone who is traveling to a new place is to just get lost. Get lost in the town, so you can get to know it. Wander off, but don’t go to any shady spots. That way you’ll truly understand the city. Whenever I go to a new place, I’m not trying to go to a Starbucks, you have a Starbucks everywhere.”

“I want to travel to so many places. My top places are Iceland and Malaysia. I also want to go to see all of Frank Lloyd Wright’s houses, I was an art major, so I’m really interested in that topic.”

” My favorite travel experience was when I traveled to Chicago with my brother and sister. They’re both younger than me and we’ve never had a lot of time to spend together, so that trip was really great.”

Humans of BGM is a blog that highlights stories from those working and moving through the airport, quotes, and traveling tips of people from all corners of the earth and our local airport team members.


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