Humans of BGM: Puppy Silk & Dolores Postens

Dolores Postens and Silk

“This is Silk, she’s 8 weeks old and traveling to Miami with her new owner. She has a champion mother and father. Dalmatians are great dogs, and we’ve bred and shown them for the past 45 years. Over the years we’ve had lots of champions at dog shows.  This is her new owner’s second puppy from us, he purchased one 9 years ago named Bella, and now he wants a companion for her. He’s met us in Binghamton both times. We also love to travel around the country for dog shows, we’ve been all over.”

Dolores Postens is a Dalmatian breeder from Unadilla, NY. She runs Lotsa Spots Dalmatians, along with her husband William. She has been breeding and competing in dog shows for the past 45 years. If you wish to contact Dolores about her Dalmatians, her email is and her website is

Humans of BGM is a blog that highlights stories from those working and moving through the airport, quotes, and traveling tips of people from all corners of the earth and our local airport team members.

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