Humans of BGM: Neal Wilson


Neal Wilson has been working at The Greater Binghamton Airport for 36 years as part of the janitorial staff. He will be retiring this Sunday, November 22nd. When asked about his long tenure working at the airport, Neal, who also manages the Dorchester Estates in Whitney Point NY, had this to say:

“I have a lot of great memories from working here at the airport. The blizzard of 1993 was pretty cool. We were stuck in the airport for three long days. I got to see the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels airshow twice. I’ve met a lot of rock stars that were traveling through here. I’ve met ACDC, Ted Nugent, Aerosmith, and Ozzie Osborne. I’ve even met Mork and Mindy (aka Robin Williams and Pam Dawber). I’m most grateful for my kids and my wife. A piece of advice I recently gave to a new hire here was that it’s worth sticking it out, it really is worth it. I’ve accomplished everything I’ve wanted to do; I’ve lived very comfortably while working here. I would absolutely recommend working here to anyone.”

During his retirement, he is most looking forward to spending more time with his three year old grandson. The Greater Binghamton Airport would like to thank Neal for his many years of service, and wish him well in his retirement. Neal, you will be greatly missed.

Humans of BGM is a blog that highlights stories from those working and moving through the airport, quotes, and traveling tips of people from all corners of the earth and our local airport team members.


Top 10 Travel Tips for Flyers

Thinking of flying BGM? These tips will make traveling a breeze!

10. Purchase your ticket as early as possible to get the lowest fares!

Even if you fly out of the largest airports, last minute tickets are expensive! Plan ahead for the lowest price, usually 45-90 days ahead of time is best, and choose convenience with BGM! 

Also, regarding getting the best fare can also be a matter of being flexible with travel dates or departure times. If you specifically ask for the first departure on Monday morning chances are that flight will be fuller resulting in a high fare. If you could travel Tuesday or even take a later flight on Monday it could mean a much lower ticket cost.

9. Make sure you buy your ticket under the exact name that appears on your ID!

Going through security at some airports can be a huge hassle.  To make your life easier, make sure all of your documents list the exact same name to avoid confusion.

8.  Don’t wrap gifts!

Planning on traveling during the holidays? Make sure you don’t wrap your gifts ahead of time. Chances are, the gift wrap will be removed by security. So save yourself the time and effort, and wrap them at your destination or ship them to your destination ahead of time. Also, make sure to pack any expensive gifts in your carry on for safety, as long as they meet TSA guidelines.

7. Bring your own sleep kit!

Think you might need a nap during your flight? Sleep kits are the way to go, and they are super easy to make.  Just get a U-shaped travel pillow, eye mask, ear plugs, a small blanket, and you’re all set.  You can also buys these at travel stores, and online, but they’re a lot cheaper and easier to make yourself!

6. Drink water!

This might seem obvious, but it is often overlooked. The air on a plane isn’t humidified, which is very dehydrating and can dry out your lips, nose and even your skin.  To avoid this discomfort, simply drink water before, during and after your flight. This is especially important if you are someone who relies on caffeine or alcohol to get through a flight. Staying hydrated is key to comfortable travel!

5. Splurge for Wi-Fi!

Most airlines now offer a Wi-Fi option for their flights.  If you’re someone who likes to stay connected, this is a great option for you. Especially if you have a long flight, being able to watch Netflix on your laptop can make all of the difference!

4. Plan your naps!

The best way to avoid jet lag is to sync your napping with the new time zone you are flying to. This way you’ll already be on that locations schedule when you get there!

3. Choose unique luggage!

Finding your luggage after a flight can be tricky. Putting special ribbons on your luggage is a great idea, but it can get torn off during transport or even security checks. When you choose a suitcase with a unique design or color, it is so much easier to find!

Also, when you fly with BGM, you avoid large flights, with tons of baggage to go through, making finding yours that much easier!

2. Use a TSA lock for your luggage!

If you feel that you need your checked luggage to be locked, make sure to use a TSA approved lock. This way your luggage will be safe, and the TSA will be able to easily search your bag if needed. Any lock that is not TSA approved (this includes zip ties) may be cut off from your luggage, or you will be asked to remove it prior to checking your bag.

  1. Relax!

Nothing can make traveling harder than stress! When times get tough, take a deep breath and let the little things go! Just make sure you show up prepared, and you’ll have nothing to worry about!

Remember, The Greater Binghamton Airport has all of the advantages of a large airport, in a small stress free environment. The convenient location, no traffic, and short lines, are just a few of the perks you get when you fly BGM!

Humans of BGM: Puppy Silk & Dolores Postens

Dolores Postens and Silk

“This is Silk, she’s 8 weeks old and traveling to Miami with her new owner. She has a champion mother and father. Dalmatians are great dogs, and we’ve bred and shown them for the past 45 years. Over the years we’ve had lots of champions at dog shows.  This is her new owner’s second puppy from us, he purchased one 9 years ago named Bella, and now he wants a companion for her. He’s met us in Binghamton both times. We also love to travel around the country for dog shows, we’ve been all over.”

Dolores Postens is a Dalmatian breeder from Unadilla, NY. She runs Lotsa Spots Dalmatians, along with her husband William. She has been breeding and competing in dog shows for the past 45 years. If you wish to contact Dolores about her Dalmatians, her email is and her website is

Humans of BGM is a blog that highlights stories from those working and moving through the airport, quotes, and traveling tips of people from all corners of the earth and our local airport team members.