The Best of BGM


The Best of BGM

The Greater Binghamton Airport has so much to offer! Large airport service in a friendly, convenient location, what could be better? The small size of our airport is a huge advantage for frequent and vacation travelers looking for a quick and easy traveling experience. Of all the amazing things it has to offer, we’ve decided to highlight the best elements of the The Greater Binghamton Airport!


Located 8 miles outside of Binghamton, The Greater Binghamton Airport is just a short drive from town!  We are near the intersection of I88, I81 and the future I86. BGM is the ideal choice for travelers coming to and from upstate New York including the Broome, Tioga, Chenango, Cortland, and portions of PA, Tioga, Bradford and Susquehanna Counties.

We’re a small airport, which is a great advantage to travelers. With our small size you avoid long lines and traffic. When you fly with us, you experience a friendly, low-stress, hassle-free environment, and you’ll be well on your way to your destination!

Comparable and Affordable

Fares at the Greater Binghamton Airport are extremely comparable to other local airports like Ithaca, Elmira and even Syracuse. With Binghamton’s convenient location, it’s a no brainer to fly from BGM. But just like every trip, it’s best to plan your trip in advance to snag the best prices.

Unlimited Destinations

Our airport offers service from three major airlines, American, Delta, and United, offering non-stop commercial airline service to hub airports in Philadelphia, Detroit and Newark. Thinking of traveling to Las Vegas, San Francisco or even Paris or Beijing? The Greater Binghamton Airport can connect you to wherever you’d like to go!

Great Amenities

The Greater Binghamton Airport provides a wide variety of amenities to meet every flyer’s needs.

We offer both long and short term parking, free Wi-Fi, quick and easy TSA checkpoints, and three major car rental agencies such as, Avis, Hertz and Budget. Hungry? The Gateway Café offers a variety of food including, deli style sandwiches, wraps, panini’s and salads, and delicious local coffee from Ithaca Coffee Company!

In addition to our general waiting area, we offer a KidsPort in our departure area, for our youngest travelers. And to show our support for those who serve and protect our country, we have a military family room. This family room offers military members and their families’ privacy and comfort before and after flights.

Conducting business? The airport offers a conference room that can be reserved free of charge. Please call (607)763-4471 extension 218 to schedule ahead.

We offer a business traveler’s rewards program for those who consistently choose the convenience of The Greater Binghamton Airport.  This reward program includes amazing perks including free coffee, free airport parking, frequent flyer mileage, and much more!

For those looking to lease space for their private or corporate aircraft we offer a newly renovated, state-of-the-art hangar. This hangar provides 21,000 square feet of aircraft space, with an additional 7,000 square feet of useful work space. The entire space is heated/cooled, with adjacent parking for 40 vehicles.

With all these perks, BGM is really the way to go! The cold weather is rolling in, so when you’re schedule your flight to a sandy beach – start at BGM! #FlyBGM

US Airways Final Flight


US Airways Flight #1939… To many that may just be another flight number to a destination that holds a meeting, vacation, home, or loved ones waiting to pick them up. For US Airways however, it is much more than that. Flight 1939 marks the beginning and end of the legacy carrier. US Airways began flying in 1939. It is only fitting that the Airline’s final flight on Friday be a red-eye flight from San Francisco to Philadelphia is Flight #1939.

The airline has been a mainstay at the Greater Binghamton Airport (BGM) for well over twenty years. Nostalgic feelings set in for those who can recall all the experiences BGM and US Airways have shared. The airline has been successful at BGM because the community has long supported it and stood by its side no matter the destination, including its current destination of Philadelphia.

The US Airways merger with American Airlines has the aviation community at BGM talking. They’re talking because the world’s biggest airline now serves BGM. This is a very exciting time for BGM. With American Airlines at BGM, passengers truly have the world’s destinations at their doorstep. American Airlines has made many changes to the new merged airline. Passengers that will be flying the daily American service through the new Philadelphia hub will get to experience it firsthand.

BGM is sad to see the US Airways name no longer in the Broome County Skies after Friday 10/16/15. However, American Airlines brings a new, fresh airline to BGM; and BGM is extremely excited about all the possibilities that it brings.

So cheers to US Airways flight #1939 and to blue skies for American Airlines at BGM!

Travelers of Binghamton: Debbie Wall

The people are what make Greater Binghamton Airport special; The flyers, the families hugging their loved ones goodbye, welcoming those they’ve missed, and the airport personnel who assist these travelers every day. Each person is an integral piece of the puzzle that is Greater Binghamton Airport. As an establishment so focused on the community, it only makes sense to acknowledge and spotlight some of those individuals.

The Greater Binghamton Airport is excited to announce that we are starting a new blog series entitled Travelers of Binghamton. The goal for this blog is to highlight stories from those working and moving through the airport, daily quotes, and traveling tips of people from all corners of the earth and our local airport team members.

I’m sure many of you are familiar with Humans of New York, the photoblog that features street portraits and interviews collected in New York City. It was started in November 2010 by photographer Brandon Stanton. The Facebook page has over 15 million followers and counting. Lives have been touched, people helped, and smiles brought to the faces of many all over the world. It has been the inspiration for this new FlyBGM Blog Series. Travelers of Binghamton will obviously be on a much smaller scale, but will still aim to introduce us to those who we may otherwise not have the opportunity to meet, and connect with their stories.

This is an interview that recently appeared on Humans of New York. This kid could bring a smile to anyone’s face!

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 4.38.55 PM

For our very first post, we introduce you to Debbie Wall.

“When I was young I had the privilege of getting to travel all the time with my parents, and I realized that’s something I love! I always wanted to work for the airlines; my parents worked for the airlines. I’ve always known about the airport my whole life. Through this job, I have made quite a few new friends that are part of my family now, and I feel that this is not just a job, this is my family”

Debbie Wall has worked for the United Airlines HR Department at The Greater Binghamton Airport for 30 years.