Ithaca Coffee & BGM Team Up to Offer Flyers the Best!

Do you know the secret to having a fantastic flight? A delicious, organic, flavorful ‘Cuppa Joe!’ BGM is giving you another reason to fly local and buy local products!

The new Gateway Café at the Greater Binghamton Airport is now offering your favorite; Ithaca Coffee Company! The Ithaca Coffee Company is a local, family-owned business who is constantly looking to provide their customers top quality products. Now we’re selling all of your favorite flavors at the Greater Binghamton Airport!

So who exactly is Ithaca Coffee Co.? They’re a ‘small local gourmet market and coffee roaster.’ Nestled in the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York, they’ve been hot air roasting small batches of delicious coffees since 1984. A few expansions later, this company has branched out with two locations in Ithaca, and they sell their delicious brew at Wegmans too! Organic products important to you? Ithaca Coffee Co. has been certified as an organic coffee roaster since 2010.

So what makes their coffee different? Their approach to coffee is to embrace the diversity coffee offers. ‘They purchase coffee from farms that represent a seasonally evolving selection from across the coffee-growing world. Then they roast each coffee using specifically designed protocols that highlight the inherent quality of the bean while bringing clarity and balance to the finished beverage.’ And to make your coffee even more fresh, it’s roasted in small batches and packaged daily. Gateway Café has a fresh cup waiting for you at BGM right now!

Want to learn more about Ithaca Coffee Co.? Check out “What’s brewing at Ithaca Coffee Co.” on this podcast:, or check out their website/products here:

We couldn’t be more excited to offer this high-quality, organic product to our local community! We’re proud to be one of the select locations, (including Wegman’s and Ithaca, NY) that provides this amazing product. So next time you’re flying into or out of the Greater Binghamton Airport grab a delicious cup of Ithaca Coffee at the Gateway café. Fly local, buy local at BGM!