Hangar Talk – A BGM area pilot social event

Hangar Talk - A BGM area pilot social event

Hangar Talk is an opportunity for all pilots that use the BGM facility to get together to “Talk Shop”. Pete Moschak, Broome County Airport Operations Specialist will be available to discuss current airport issues and to address local pilot’s questions and concerns regarding your airport. Along with Senior Forecaster Mark Pellerito, to present on aviation forecasting and micrometeorology around the Binghamton Airport.

Chamberlin Room, Hangar 2, Greater Binghamton Airport

Light meal will be provided for those who RSVP

Ramp & Landing Fees waived for fly-in Aircraft

Fuel Discounts for fly-in Aircraft (.50 off per gal)

RSVP to Pete Moschak at 607-763-4471 x204 or PMoschak@co.broome.ny.us

Hugh Grant in Binghamton Airport? Yep, that’s right!

The Greater Binghamton Airport had the pleasure of opening its doors to Hugh Grant and the Marc Lawrence film crew on Monday April 15th. As part of an upcoming movie starring Hugh Grant and Marisa Tomei, the Greater Binghamton Airport was used for onsite filming of when Hugh Grant’s character arrives at a “small east coast town” from Los Angeles. As you can imagine we were very excited to hear that they wanted to film here on location since sets for movies can be easily made to look like desired locations.

Director Marc Lawrence’s embedded memories of rainy gray clouded skies from his undergraduate days at Binghamton University (Class of 1981) made it the perfect location to base and film the movie. Marc wanted the setting to reflect the differences of Los Angeles in comparison to a small town located on the east coast. You can imagine Marc and the film crew were not as excited as local residents to see the sun and blue skies during their visit. Although our blue skies made it tricky for the film crew, they were able to work around it and complete the needed segments for the film.

BGM was very accommodating to the film crew. With the help of all the airport employees, airlines, car rental agencies, Subway, and the TSA we were able to exceed their expectations while keeping all of our traveling public happy. I am sure it was a treat for those flying in or out on Monday when they got to witness the film crew in action and the man of the hour himself – Hugh Grant!!!!!!!!!

The Greater Binghamton Airport would like to thank all of our customers who were at the airport for the respect they showed Hugh Grant and for the cooperation and understand they showed the film crew and airport employees.

It’s a day that won’t be forgotten any time soon for the airport and the local residence.

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