An Update to the Impacts of Sequestration on BGM

Understandably there continues to be concern regarding renewed media reports of possible effects that Federal sequestration could have on the air traffic control facilities and personnel at BGM. I would like to take a moment to address some of those concerns.

Firstly, although BGM was identified on the original list of effected airports released by the Department of Transportation on February 22nd, as of yet we have not received any notification of any such actions at BGM. Conversely, other air traffic control towers at airports across the country have received notification of closure. As such, we are operating business as usual until we hear differently.

Secondly, please understand that should BGM be notified that the F.A.A. will cease operating the air traffic facility at BGM, it would not go into effect until September 30th and also does not by any means equate to the closure of the airport. Although this would certainly be unpleasant news we do have other options to continue safe and efficient operations of aircraft to and from BGM.

Should this scenario play out, our options would include a contract air traffic control tower in which a F.A.A. certified company would be contracted with to take over the air traffic control duties. In another scenario, BGM traffic could be controlled by a regional air traffic control facility.

~Carl Beardsley, Commissioner of Aviation