100LL Avgas Sale at FirstAIR on Saturdays

FirstAIR continues to show their desire to serve all facets of aviation by implementing a “Gas Sale” on Saturdays throughout the summer months. The gas sale, which will provide for discounted 100LL Avgas fuel, is aimed primarily at recreational pilots who often fly on weekends. Through such actions as this, area pilots have been extremely pleased with FirstAIR’s new presence at BGM.

Business Travelers Rewards Program Lauded on NBC

Greater Binghamton Airport and their Business Travelers Rewards Program (BTRP) received national exposure when Sarah Spagnolo of Travel + Leisure magazine was on the Today show earlier this year. 

The story highlighted the perks of using smaller regional airports which, with their unique loyalty programs, often offer more incentives than larger airports.  BGM was singled out for it rewards of frequent flier miles, coffee amd daily newspapers. 

Greater Binghamton Airport’s BTRP was started in 2007 and was the first of its kind for regional airports. Today the BTRP has over 850 members who are frequent travelers through Greater Binghamton Airport and earn airline miles, free parking, free coffee/newspapers, and other gifts as a thank you for their loyalty.   

Click here to learn more about the program

FirstAIR Our New Fixed Base Operator

A fixed based operator (FBO) is one of the most important businesses on an airport as it provides vital services for aircraft operators.  These services include airplane fueling, aircraft maintenance and storage, corporate pilot and passenger lounges, de-icing, flight chartering and flight planning.  

At the Greater Binghamton Airport we take a great deal of pride in the partnership that we have with our FBO.  Recently, we had the privilege of welcoming FirstAIR Group Inc. back to BGM as they have returned to offer FBO services at the Greater Binghamton Airport.  As a part of this new agreement, FirstAIR Group will be offering their first class customer service and their vast range of FBO services from Hangars II & III.    

“FirstAIR has an outstanding reputation and offers world-class service,” said Carl Beardsley, Commissioner of Aviation.  “We are very happy to welcome FirstAIR back to our airport family.”  

Tom Freeman, President of FirstAir group added, “We are delighted to return to the Binghamton market and to have the opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with the local travelers.”   “We recently completed some much needed cosmetic renovations to the passenger terminal and are looking at additional investments in facilities and equipment.     

FirstAIR can be reached by calling 607.644.1067 or via e-mail at tfreeman@firstair.us